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Hi everyone, I've decided to add a link to my blogspot here, instead of trying to keep up two blog sites, as I was previously doing. It was confusing for visitors and time consuming for me. So now in an effort to make things as easy as I can (for both of us), you can click on the above link to be taken to my latest paintings and posts. I try to give more info on why I painted a piece, as well as my thoughts on painting, and the day to day workings of an artist's studio.

Thanks for looking and remember you can click on any image you see while there for a larger higher resolution version. Why not take a moment while there and post a comment. I'd love to hear from you.



7 Responses to Visit my Blogspot for the latest blog entry

Stanka Kordic
via web
Hi Steve-

I really love your use of the warm neutrals in describing Water Ride and Shade Buddies. You can just feel the temperature of the day. Also, wonderful texture, and great composition in both.

Shade Buddies has such a touching, emotional quality to it. Very sensitively rendered and beautiful.


Steve Atkinson
via web
Stanka, thanks for the great feedback. Coming from as a painter as talented as you are, that means the world to me.


roger L Huffenberger
via steveatkinsonstudio.com
I really like the feel and colors you have in the canyon painting ,makes me want to spend the day there.

Chuck Wimmer
via steveatkinsonstudio.com
Uncle Steve, Its a good thing we had dinner when we did because I didn't go to Uptown this summer...and you probavly moved already. Best of luck! -Chuck

Janice Shanks
via atk1961.fineartstudioonline.com
My sister-in-law just gave me your website to check out a recent painting you finished of her brother, Jim "The Rancher". I am really impressed how you have captured his rugged yet shy personality. Actually, I'm surprised he posed. Excellent!

via steveatkinsonstudio.com
Beautiful work Steve and great color!

Mike Keim
via steveatkinsonstudio.com
Your paintings are impressive. I like your loose brush work. I live in Pa. and have been painting watercolors for 25 years. I am now getting the feel for oils. Your work helps me to make things simple. Oils seem to easier than watercolors in a different way. I will look at your work often. Mike

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